Month: September 2018

We are excited and honored to have been selected as the recognized Veteran Business of the Game at this week’s Jaguars game against the Jets!

During the first break of the 3rd quarter, Jeff and Mary will be honored on the field while a description of Career Development Consultant Group’s services are read over the stadium’s PA system!

A huge THANK YOU to the Jacksonville Jaguars and First Data for providing this opportunity and honoring Jacksonville Veterans!

Go Jaguars!

If you’ve been paying attention at all as you’ve driven through the streets of your current hometown, you’ve likely noticed all the new construction and renovations that are taking place. Look at Jacksonville, for example. There’s a whole new town center slowly being erected off Racetrack Road. At each turn, there’s a new plaza of restaurants and retail outlets taking form. The construction companies are developing a new housing development what seems almost weekly, not to mention the multitude of apartment buildings that are appearing out of nowhere. And to top it all off, huge companies are moving huge operations to the city. Ever heard of Amazon?

There’s a lot to be taken away from all that action. New places to eat, more entertainment at our fingertips, and an abundance of retail to fuel all our consumer desires. Even the Jaguars are injecting the city with a higher level of excitement as contenders for the post-season! Yes, it’s an exciting time to be in Jacksonville. The question is, how are you taking advantage of it?

What’s commonly lost in the maelstrom of a booming economy is the abundance of employment opportunities that are created. Businesses are investing huge amounts of money to expand their operations and take advantage of all the revenue that’s there for the taking. With these expansions comes the need for talent to drive it all, and a competitive market that’s forcing employers to up the ante in order to land the best and brightest.

Don’t believe me? Take a stroll through a career fair or peruse the “careers” section on the websites of a handful of companies you may be interested in working for. What you’ll find is there’s a lot of need, and it could be you to fill that need.

What’s keeping you from getting a piece of the action?

Among the many things in life that can be counted on, we can be sure that this explosion of opportunity won’t last. As the economy ebbs and flows, so does the level of open positions. Like all these businesses that are opening town centers, housing developments, and distribution centers, it’s now time to invest in the business of You.

Do you want to move up the ladder, change companies, or perhaps even switch career paths completely? Now is the time. You must strike while the iron is hot.

Because when this booming economy comes to a halt, do you want your job title and compensation to be the same as when it kicked off?

People that manage their careers wisely ask themselves these types of questions and act on the answers. What are you prepared to do to make sure you’re creating your best opportunities?

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Yes, another resume article to add to the internet’s bottomless pit of opinions, lists, and quick fixes on the subject. Just take a scroll through your LinkedIn page and count how many various offerings are there to choose from. With a spare hour and cup of coffee, a person could compile an exhaustive list of possibilities to tweak, tailor, and temper their value in a PDF. Yet most people, after hours of updating their resume to reflect all these possibilities, still finish their edits with one lingering question…

“Is my resume good?”

By far, this is one of the most common questions we hear from clients. It’s understandable. After applying to sometimes more than fifty positions without receiving any interest from any of the companies, an applicant must begin to think they’re doing something wrong and a resume is the most tangible part of the career search process to grasp onto.

It must be my resume!

The truth is that a resume is only one part of a long hiring process that few people understand. Obtaining that dream position or even next position requires much, much more than making sure your resume is doing its job. Of more importance is who gets to see that resume and how it gets there (hint, hint). However, in a world and economy that’s ultra-competitive and allowing solid candidates much more mobility, it still must be done well.

So, what exactly makes a resume “good?” What template should you use? What type and size font are “right?” What information should be included? What information should be excluded? How should that information be organized? Is it okay to use color? Should I try the sneaky trick of including “key words” in very small font in the margin to get past the applicant tracking system (yes, we’ve been asked this)?

Here’s the bottom line: an effective resume has a professional appearance, communicates value effectively, is targeted toward the right positions, and tailored for individual opportunities. Seriously, that’s it. Now the question is, can you confidently create that document? For some people with the necessary experience, intuition, and writing ability, that answer is a resounding “yes.” For others, the “is my resume good” question will linger no matter the hours or effort applied to turning out that document.

Producing an effective resume is a skill, a skill that can mean the difference between getting an interview or being laughed directly into a recruiter’s waste basket. And if a resume can decide whether you’re a candidate or not, it can also determine how you spend a great majority of your week, as well as…

  • If you lose sleep thinking about bills
  • If you can go on a vacation, or what kind of vacation
  • What experiences you can create for yourself and family
  • To what level you can accomplish your professional goals
  • To what level you can accomplish your personal goals
  • What opportunities you can afford for the next generation

The above isn’t nearly an exhaustive list, but those short few bullets run a gamut of possibilities between “extremely fortunate” and “horribly tragic.” In the end, a strong resume may be one piece of the employment puzzle, but the investment in getting it right can mean all the difference in the world.

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The feeling hits you sometime Sunday afternoon.

It’s a familiar feeling, one that you’ve experienced on a weekly basis for far too long.

You force yourself through the mental gymnastics of ignoring the feeling, unwilling to face the knowledge behind it. Because if you do, the reality of tomorrow will arrive too soon. So you go about your day with the nagging swell of reality that the day that follows Sunday… is Monday.

That’s when it happens. To nobody in particular, that old familiar feeling finds words and falls out of:

“I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow.”

The following morning, you begin your climb up the emotional ladder of the work week, freewheeling out of the office at 4:30 on Friday to go do the things you really want to do outside of the 40 hours of drudgery. Then Sunday comes, rinse and repeat.

Raise your hand if you can identify with this scenario.

Unfortunately, far too many people have fallen into the trap of thinking work is and must be the thing we do between the real enjoyment of being alive. Day after day, week after week, and year after year we consign ourselves to an existence that doesn’t resemble the dreams we had before starting down this trail. At one time, we wanted to make a difference somehow, perhaps build something, or work within an industry that’s aligned with our passions. Somewhere, things went wrong, and we have no idea how to fix it.

If you’re reading this and nodding your head, that’s the bad news. The good news is that there’s a group of people that do know how to fix this issue.

They’re called Career Coaches.

Career Coaches do many things. Depending on the coach, they may offer services that cover the gamut from teaching interview techniques to job search techniques. Perhaps even a resume writing service. Most importantly, they offer the opportunity to help you identify your way to seven days of fulfillment each week.

Maybe you’re one of the poor souls that never could quite figure out what you wanted to do for a career. That’s okay, many people fall into that category. In a culture that has spent far too much time focusing on the bottom line and not enough time on how to get there, this is what happens. We’ve arrived at a place where real, practical conversations about how to achieve dreams don’t take place nearly enough.

There’s no shortage of inspirational quotes or institutions offering education and training. There’s certainly a place for these things and they can be important to the process. However, the foundation of self-awareness necessary to apply “you can be anything you want to” and that shiny certification must be present first.

Monday will come again. What are you prepared to do to make it as enjoyable as Saturday? Perhaps its time to reach out to a Career Coach.

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