Month: November 2018

Have you ever considered gifting somebody a new resume this holiday season?

Yes, we’re absolutely serious.  Think about it.  No, it’s not a new umbrella or fancy piece of sweater.  It’s not a piece of memorabilia from a favorite sports team, nor even a gift card to a favorite retail outlet.  And it’s definitely not a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.  No, a new resume is far more important than that!

A resume is possibly the key to a new opportunity, a chance to change the course of somebody’s future.  How’s that for a stocking stuffer?  Here’s your gift: a new future.  Enjoy it.

Yes, we get it, gifting a new resume may not create that picture worthy moment on Christmas morning… but it can create an album in the year to follow for that loved one.

Outside of our relationships and a handful of other intangibles, what’s more important than a person’s career?  Not much.  Our careers fuel our opportunities to create memories and leave a legacy.

So before you go online or run to the store to try and find that perfect gift, ask yourself what that person needs more.  A new career opportunity, or a new tennis racquet?

This holiday season, contact Career Development Consultant Group to gift a resume writing service.

Dear Friends,

It’s a little after noon here in the CDCG office on the day before Thanksgiving.  So far this morning, we’ve met with one client and will meet with two more before the day is over.  A veteran that we’ve worked with had a great phone interview this morning and is currently spending some time in the office working on his career search.

Life is good.

The CDCG team founded this organization on June 22nd this year.  Since then, we’ve been extremely fortunate to move into a newly renovated office, and built a steady stream of business in the Jacksonville community.  It’s safe to say we have a great deal to be thankful for.  With that said…

We want to thank each and every one of you for the warm reception our little venture has received, and the amazing support from all our family, friends, and partners.  We are intimately aware that nobody succeeds without the help of others, and fully embrace that we owe a debt of gratitude to every last person that spent even the smallest drop of energy supporting Career Development Consultant Group.

To all of you that offered a kind word, shared a post on social media, referred business, created a connection or made any otherwise kind gesture, THANK YOU.

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, we can’t help on this holiday but to think of our fellow veterans and active duty members of the military.  We thank each and every one of you for your service, and hope your holiday is filled with the blessings you’ve undoubtedly earned.

We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and final month of 2018!  As we reflect in the run up to the new year, we want to encourage all of you to set new goals and fanatically pursue that happiness in 2019.  We’ll be here to help you however we can.

All the best,

The CDCG Team

It’s simply part of being a business leader.  It’s not the fun part, that’s for sure, but it’s definitely a part of the deal.  At times, we have to say goodbye to the people that have given so much to the company.  These are the people that have sacrificed their time, impacted the team, and invested their skills in accomplishing the company’s goals.  Yet, through no fault of their own, the choice was made to let them go.

Nobody wants to have that conversation.  No matter how sorry we may be, no matter how much appreciation is communicated, the bottom line is that we’re telling that person that their professional well-being is now in question.  And right now, it’s in question during the run up to holiday season.  Though, perhaps the only saving grace for that moment is the hope for a soft landing.

This is why providing an outplacement service is the greatest gift an employer can provide employees when it’s time to say goodbye.  It’s an investment in that soft landing, fewer sleepless nights, and perhaps even positive momentum in that person’s career.  An outplacement service is an investment in the bigger picture.

Sure, many companies offer severance packages including a lump sum of cash that are usually tied to some type of time metric.  But that cash is finite, and the challenge looms when it’s gone.  Consider the options.

Would you rather have:

1. One lump sum payment of $10,000.00 right now

2. Wait two months, and receive ongoing $5,000 payments

Unless you’re truly bad at math or planning, option 2 is the easy choice.  This is the power of an outplacement service.  Though, the impact isn’t merely financial.

An outplacement service is a communication to the remaining employees.  It says, “sometimes we have to make hard decisions, but we’re going to invest in your well-being here or elsewhere.”  In other words, “you are SAFE!”  When decisions are being made, this is definitely a message any employer would want to send the team.

In the end, saying goodbye to a teammate is still a burden of leadership.  Though it will remain a conversation that nobody wants to have, providing an outplacement service can be the final act that truly communicates gratitude, care, and safety.  This is what leaders do.

Why hire a golf coach?  Why pay for piano lessons, or cooking lessons, or singing lessons?  Why go to a professional to get your car fixed, roof replaced, or floors installed?  Why do you pay for all these things?

Because the consequences of not paying are terrible, that’s why.  Nobody wants to slice a golf ball into the woods, play the piano or sing terribly, or have a house that’s embarrassingly falling apart.  So, we save our money and find professionals to help us hit it straight and give us a water-tight roof.  Then without ever thinking to hire a professional resume writer or career counselor, go to a job each week that makes us feel like we’re singing off-key.

With our job playing such a central role in our lives, why don’t we place the necessary emphasis on getting the professional career help as we do on other things?  Unfortunately, most people choose not to hire a career counselor or resume writer with a belief that what they’re doing is enough, but think about how few people you know that are currently living the professional dream?  Somewhere, there’s a disconnect.

At Career Development Consultant Group, our career professionals provide clients with the resume help, career counseling, and job search skills that get results.  Our professional resume writers produce documents that get to the top of the pile, and our career counselors teach clients how to get that resume in front of hiring managers.

So, before you sit down to write that next resume or apply to a job, ask yourself if perhaps it’s time to find a resume writer or career counselor to help you confidently pursue the next opportunity.

In the end, you just may be able to afford more house and a new set of clubs.

It’s now November, meaning a bunch of seasonal changes are getting ready to take place. Depending on where you live, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are turning, or maybe it’s time to break out your wetsuit the next time you go surfing (Helloooooo, Florida!). For many, it also means companies are wrapping up their recruiting operations for the year as well.

So, it’s obviously time to step away from the job search and enjoy your holiday festivities with loved ones. Nobody’s hiring, not at least until the new budgets and hiring goals come out in January. It’s time to dive headfirst into some eggnog and relax for a couple months… right?

If you’re currently in a job search, you should hope others are believing this. If you believe it yourself, welcome to a minimum of another four to six months of unemployment or disappointment in your current job. The fact is that it’s 2018 and the economy is booming! Great talent is harder to find or lure away these days, and recruiters are digging deeper to get to the hungry candidates.

Opportunity absolutely exists during the holiday months, especially this year. So, before you shut down the career search efforts and don your favorite turtleneck, consider the following:

The competition thins during winter months

With so many misguided souls believing the myth that companies don’t hire during holiday months, the applicant pool falls off. Literally, any position you apply for in the winter provides a statistically stronger chance that you’ll get an interview. Play the numbers, because those other well-qualified candidates may have forfeited the game because of cold weather.

Recruiters notice who’s grinding during this time

With a thinner candidate pool and awareness that some people would rather enjoy holidays than work, recruiters notice and appreciate that those left in the market have that extra drive. It’s a great time for them to cherry pick driven professionals that are more serious about their career. In short, it’s a great time to get noticed and do some networking.

Come January, your competition comes back onto the market. 

It’s going to be a new year! And with the new year will come resolutions. Everyone will vow to restart their job search, rush back to the gym, and plan to get rid of their preferred vice. The choice is to be part of the crowd or position yourself to stand apart from the masses – by the time they catch up with you, you may already be amid the hiring process for opportunities that they missed!

Even if you strike out during the holiday season, you’ll still be ahead of the game and your competition. 

Yes, it’s entirely possible that you could not find that new and amazing position during the winter months. Nothing in a job search is a sure thing. Nothing. But momentum matters. The applications, networking and interviews that you’ve completed while the rest of the world was shopping and celebrating will put you on the front burner when the rest of the population decides to return to the market.

Indeed, the holiday season is job hunting season. A prime hunting season, in fact. So, if you’re in the market already or pondering a change, do yourself a favor and break the mold this year. The result could be starting 2019 with one huge resolution already checked off.

Contact Career Development Consultant Group to help with your job search this holiday season!