Month: December 2018

So, you’ve decided to hire a resume writer in Jacksonville, FL.  The first thing you did was Google “resume writer in Jacksonville, FL”, and pulled up a list of options.  You may have even pulled up a link to this article.  What next?  Who do you choose?  What criteria are you using to make a choice?  Have you thought of these things?

There’s a lot of fancy marketing and opportunities out therefor a company to make an impression on you. An amazing website!  The top listing on the search engine!  Google ads!  But which company does the best job?  It’s certainly a good question.  After all, this is only the most important document in your career

A resume is the most important document in your career.

Resumes fall into a category of things for which there’s an endless amount of opinions.  Everyone thinks their way is the right way, and everyone has a red pen ready to enforce that position.  Friends, relatives, and connections have tried to tell you the “right” way to do it.  Unfortunately, the results haven’t happened and you’re ready to shop. 

The truth about professional resume writers is they too have the red pens and opinions.  Not everyone agrees on the same method or philosophy, but everyone does have two things that are comparable:

  1. Outcomes that have been produced from their product.
  2. A level of service provided in the resume writing process.

Outcomes.  Why hire a professional resume writer if you can’t expect a good outcome (more interviews) as a result?  If you don’t get an outcome, then you’ve simply created another Word/PDF to save in the resume folder on your computer.  The resume can look pretty.  It can even have a bunch of special looking words that sound incredibly professional.  But if it doesn’t get your foot in the door somewhere, who cares?!?  When shopping for a resume writer, ask about the results that they’ve produced.

Service.  When you think about hiring a resume writer,consider that you’re hiring a service and not buying a product.  To ultimately provide the best version of you on paper, a professional resume writer needs to spend enough time with you to get it right.  There should be a process of drafts and revisions.  There should be a consultation and research process.  A relationship should be created so that the resume writer knows you well enough to get it on paper.  Because that’s what this is, you on paper. 

You’ve made a very wise decision to hire a professional resume writer in Jacksonville, FL, but choosing the right one can make the difference between another file on your computer and landing that interview.  Without a reliable and generally accepted resume writing practice to consider, what’s left is outcomes and service.  Research wisely.  Choose wisely. 

We received a phone call this morning from one of our career counseling clients.  Not just any call, but the best kind of call.  A call that represents CDCG’s entire reason for being. The call from a client to let us know that he’d received an amazing offer.  The following is approximately what this career counseling client had to say:


He was beyond excited, and rightfully so.  He’d been out of work for about four months, spent heavily on his education, and had the good fortune of going on about thirty interviews after applying for well over one-hundred positions.  I’ll say that again… he’d been on about thirty interviews and applied for over one-hundred positions

When we learned this during our initial chat, we were completely blown away by a couple things: 

  1. That he’d landed that many interviews with his current career search strategy.
  2. That he didn’t receive an offer or second interview from one of those initial interviews.

No, we weren’t shocked by the amount of applications he’d filled out.  That’s not uncommon.  What is uncommon is for somebody to have that many interviews and not even a single success to point to.  Here he was well-educated, extremely social, experienced, and passionately in love with the career field he was chasing.  What wasn’t there to like for an employer?  Why was he not invited back for even one second interview?

Then we conducted a mock interview. 

Bingo, we found the problem. This career counseling client simply didn’t understand why companies hire people, and his strategy was suffering because of it.  What he didn’t understand is that companies don’t hire people because they possess a level of education or set of experiences.  No, not at all.  Are you ready?  Listen closely as I say this:

Companies hire applicants because that person demonstrated that he/she can solve the company’s problem. 

Career Counseling helps you get to the problem.
Who solves the problem?

Everything else is window dressing.  Sure, a degree, skill, or experience may support the idea that a person can solve the problem, but alone these things do not communicate that value.  It is the targeted communication of these things, relative to the problem, that leads to an offer. 

After a couple conversations, our career counseling client understood this.  The result?  He received an offer in a matter of weeks.  All that changed was his perspective about hiring, and a couple communication tweaks.  And by communication tweaks, I mean a lot more listening and a lot less talking. Listening for the problem, and formulating answers as a result. 

The moral of the story is to focus on the problem.  I promise it’s there, otherwise the company wouldn’t be hiring. 

It was a long time ago and I don’t remember the book, but the message has stuck with me throughout my career.  The dialogue was between two people that were managing a company that was miserably failing.  In the course of counting their problems and complaining about the situation, one of the managers looked at the other and said “John, what do you think the people who come in here after us will do to turn this company around?”

Her partner learned back in his chair, thought for a moment, then confidently listed off a handful of actions he thought the future management should take to find success.  His ideas were completely different from their current plan, and free of all the limitations the two managers were currently considering.

“I tell you what.  Why don’t we walk out that door, then come back in and do exactly that?  We can start right now.”

That’s exactly what they did, saving the company, saving their jobs, and saving the jobs of their trusted employees.

In the remaining weeks of 2018, I’m sure many of you will on some level take a mental inventory of what you did or didn’t accomplish over the last year.  If you’ve planned wisely, you may even have a written set of goals to check.  Whatever your situation, at some point you’ll confront the reality that you either are or aren’t working in the career you want.  My hope is that right now you’re reading this and enjoying the warm feeling of fulfillment in the knowledge that you’ve fearlessly worked your plan.  Sadly, many won’t have that experience.

If that’s the case, please allow me to make a suggestion.  Ask yourself, “if I had the opportunity to change everything, what would I do?”  Be honest.  Put aside all those limitations you’ve set for yourself for one single moment and say out loud what you’d really rather do.  Better yet, write it down.  Walk out that door and come back with a completely new career plan.

Then, go do it.

 I can hear the arguments now.  It just doesn’t work that way.  You have bills, responsibilities, and long-term investments in what you’re currently doing.  You may have to go back to school, spend money on training, and take time away from your hobbies.  It can’t be done.

Okay, I hear you, but another question.  Do you wish you would have done it five or ten years ago?  If so, will you wish you had the courage to do it now in another five or ten years?

Everyone must choose their road.  Some will take the rocky road of choosing risk and putting in the work.  Others will choose the rockier road of wishing they would have.

Whatever you do, don’t let fear choose your path for you.

Last week, Career Development Consultant Group made the first ever donation to Vets on TAP, “a group for transitioning military, veterans, spouses, local veterans non-profits, and business leaders in Jacksonville, FL.”

Check out their Facebook page here.

As a Veteran-Owned company, we are proud to support this newly formed nonprofit organization, and look forward to continuing to support Founder Will Gibson as he develops programs and services to help veterans transition from the service.

Vets on TAP will be hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater Networking Event on December 11th at Pinglehead Brewing Company.  If you’re a veteran looking for help with your career, be sure to come out and get involved!  This is a fantastic way for veterans to stay hot on the career search during the holiday season!