Month: January 2019

We got another phone call this morning.  Yes, the good kind when a client tells us they’re going to receive an employment offer.  While at Career Development Consultant Group we high five and sleep a little better at night every time this happens, there are times when it’s just a bit more fulfilling.  Allow me to explain.

This client has been terribly underemployed for the last couple years.  He’s educated, experienced, a military veteran, and about the nicest guy you could talk to.  Somebody that has real value for a company that most anyone would be happy to spend 40+ hours a week with.  The problem was nobody outside of his career coaches knew this about him.   

We helped this client with a few things that ultimately made the difference:

  1. Helped him identify what kind of career he wished to pursue.
  2. Write a resume that’s targeted for that career.
  3. Interview effectively.
  4. Ask for introductions and referrals to people and positions.

All these points are important, but the fourth one is what truly made the difference here and is commonly the challenge with many of our clients.  People spend an immense amount of time writing and rewriting their resume, which is important as part of the process.  Understanding what career to target is even more important and interviewing effectively when the time comes is the only way to get the employment offer.  But that’s just it, when the time comes…

While a resume, purpose, and interview skills are great, an employment offer will never come if nobody is there to receive them.

That time to win the employment offer will never come if nobody is around to hear about your value.  A candidate can write an amazing resume, have crystal clarity about what position they want to pursue, and be absolutely polished conversationally.  But if nobody is there hiring for the right position, to receive the amazing resume, and have an enjoyable conversation about the candidate’s value, it’s all for nothing. 

It is people and asking for help that make everything come together.  That’s the point: getting connected to the people that make decisions.  This client wasn’t hired as a referral within the CDCG network.  He asked a great friend, who he’d known for years, to refer him to a position at their company.  That friend was there and willing to help long before he ever made the ask.  He just had to do so.

If you’ve been in a long career search and not received an employment offer, make the ask.  Like this client, it could make all the difference in the world.  Don’t be shy, go do it.  Now is a good time.