‘Tis the Season to Gift a New Resume!

Have you ever considered gifting somebody a new resume this holiday season?

Yes, we’re absolutely serious.  Think about it.  No, it’s not a new umbrella or fancy piece of sweater.  It’s not a piece of memorabilia from a favorite sports team, nor even a gift card to a favorite retail outlet.  And it’s definitely not a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.  No, a new resume is far more important than that!

A resume is possibly the key to a new opportunity, a chance to change the course of somebody’s future.  How’s that for a stocking stuffer?  Here’s your gift: a new future.  Enjoy it.

Yes, we get it, gifting a new resume may not create that picture worthy moment on Christmas morning… but it can create an album in the year to follow for that loved one.

Outside of our relationships and a handful of other intangibles, what’s more important than a person’s career?  Not much.  Our careers fuel our opportunities to create memories and leave a legacy.

So before you go online or run to the store to try and find that perfect gift, ask yourself what that person needs more.  A new career opportunity, or a new tennis racquet?

This holiday season, contact Career Development Consultant Group to gift a resume writing service.

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