An Outplacement Service: Giving More Than Well Wishes

It’s simply part of being a business leader.  It’s not the fun part, that’s for sure, but it’s definitely a part of the deal.  At times, we have to say goodbye to the people that have given so much to the company.  These are the people that have sacrificed their time, impacted the team, and invested their skills in accomplishing the company’s goals.  Yet, through no fault of their own, the choice was made to let them go.

Nobody wants to have that conversation.  No matter how sorry we may be, no matter how much appreciation is communicated, the bottom line is that we’re telling that person that their professional well-being is now in question.  And right now, it’s in question during the run up to holiday season.  Though, perhaps the only saving grace for that moment is the hope for a soft landing.

This is why providing an outplacement service is the greatest gift an employer can provide employees when it’s time to say goodbye.  It’s an investment in that soft landing, fewer sleepless nights, and perhaps even positive momentum in that person’s career.  An outplacement service is an investment in the bigger picture.

Sure, many companies offer severance packages including a lump sum of cash that are usually tied to some type of time metric.  But that cash is finite, and the challenge looms when it’s gone.  Consider the options.

Would you rather have:

1. One lump sum payment of $10,000.00 right now

2. Wait two months, and receive ongoing $5,000 payments

Unless you’re truly bad at math or planning, option 2 is the easy choice.  This is the power of an outplacement service.  Though, the impact isn’t merely financial.

An outplacement service is a communication to the remaining employees.  It says, “sometimes we have to make hard decisions, but we’re going to invest in your well-being here or elsewhere.”  In other words, “you are SAFE!”  When decisions are being made, this is definitely a message any employer would want to send the team.

In the end, saying goodbye to a teammate is still a burden of leadership.  Though it will remain a conversation that nobody wants to have, providing an outplacement service can be the final act that truly communicates gratitude, care, and safety.  This is what leaders do.

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